Q: How do I know my package will arrive intact?

A: We use cardboard mailers for small sized decals and mailing tubes for decals over 14". Waterproof poly mailers for clothes. We take the extra step to purchase quality packaging materials so that your purchases dont arrive bent, unusable, wet or damaged.

Q: What is your return policy on clothing?

A: The clothing merchandise we offer are made to order, we will not accept returns on these items. If we made a mistake, we will correct it. Just email us. Please check size measurements carefully. We post actual measurements in each description. We'll usually state if it runs small. If measurements are not posted or you need more measurements, please email us.

Q: What is your return policy on car decals/stickers?

A: Decals purchased from our store are all freshly cut and made as the orders come in. You will never receive an old decal. If you follow the application instructions that is included in your package, you will avoid accidents or mess ups. Application is very easy. Most of our product listings include a free decal gift you choose at checkout. Use that as your practice.

Q: What happens if I apply my decal to the window and I mess it up?

A: If you follow our instruction sheet step by step, there shouldn't be any mess ups. Many people think they know how to stick these decals and guess. Please don't guess. Please go by the steps we have outlined on the instruction sheet. We cannot send replacements for user error. Please do not email us stating the decal is damaged. We don't ship damaged decals. Take your time, the decals are an expression of yourself, that is why you purchased it in the first place :)

Q: Can I trust Tshirt Rocket?
A: Absolutely! We are a corporation in Florida and have been in business since 2008 designing and customizing items for our customers.
You purchase, we ship. Its as simple as that. We don't put our business reputation at stake. We work too hard to build our brand.

Q: My car window was cleaned and dried, but my sticker isn't sticking to my window.

A: The decals will not adhere to surfaces that have been waxed. Some car cleaning solutions have wax in them.  Remove all wax and residue with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol prior to application. After the decals have been applied, the surface can be waxed without fear of decals coming off.

Q: When is the best time to apply my decals?

A: In colder months, we recommend not to apply decals in temperatures under 46 degrees.
In summer months, apply to cool surfaces in the shade. Do not attempt to apply on a windy day.

If you have any more questions that we have not answered here, please contact us.